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The Fourth International Congress of the Society for Theory of Music

  • 12.11.2018

The Fourth International Congress of the Society for Theory of Music
Näcip Cihanov [Nazib Zhiganov] Kazan’ State Conservatory
2–5 October 2019


The Scholarly Conference Methodological Issues of Art Studies in March 2018 demonstrated the usefulness of discussing a number of issues, among which one of the most important is the issue of terminology and conceptual construct of various musicological courses in different national traditions.

In consideration of preparing EuroMAC-10 Congress in Moscow in 2020, to build conceptual and terminological ‘bridges’ between musicological traditions in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, England and the United States by way of organizing and holding the Fourth International Congress of the Society for Music Theory seems to be a viable attempt. At the same time, it is obvious that terminology in every linguistic tradition continues to be a topical issue.

The following topics are welcome for presentations:
· polysemy (ambiguity) of musicological terms; a round trip from metaphors to terms;
· musicological concepts and terms from a historical point of view;
· comparison of the meanings of certain terms in musicology and allied branches of knowledge;
· clarification of the meanings of some basic historical and theoretical concepts in musicology; today’s interpretation of basic concepts;
· conceptual construct in researches of the newest music;
· specificities of conceptual construct in researches of the music culture of various nations and eras (including those of the past);
· musicological terminology in the context of both graduate and undergraduate academic courses.

Applications should include a title of the paper, an abstract no more than 200 words, information about the author: name, institutional affiliation, e-mail address.

Applications will be accepted until 1 May 2019 at