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Congress of the Society for Theory of Music

Dear Colleagues,

If you wish to come and visit our Congress (September 30 – October 2) in St. Petersburg, we would like to provide you with the necessary information:

The papers will be given in either Russian or English with the translations

1) You can get a Russian visa (Tourist Visa) through the company, suggested by your nearest Russian Consulate. Prices vary, but it can be done in a few days. In order to apply for visa, you have to purchase the airplane ticket.

2) You can fly from JFK and from Dulles International by Aeroflot, non-stop to Moscow and one-hour connecting flight to Pulkovo International in St. Petersburg. From the airport the most convenient means of transportation is the bus or minibus to Moscovskaya Subway Station, from which it takes 7 stations to get to the center, to the Nevsky prospect.

2) There are very nice hotels in the vicinity of Nevsky prospect. Most of the participants will stay in Oktyabrskaya Hotel on the Ploshad Vosstaniya, on Nevsky and Ligovsky prospects crossing, next to the Moscow Train Station. The prices vary from 90 USD to 200USD per night. There is also an inexpensive “Hotel M” on Nevsky, next to Gostinyi Dvor shopping center, as well as hotel Dostoyevsky and hotel Brothers Karamazov near Vladimirskaya Subway Station.

3) In first day of the conference will be at the Baroque Hall of the St. Petersburg University. It is located in the downtown, across the bridge over the Neva River from the Hermitage.

4) In the second day, the conference will be at the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory, at the Teatral’naya Square, adjacent to the Mariinsky Theater. You can reach this venue by bus or by trolleybus from the Nevsky Prospect.

5) The last day will be at the University again.

6) The weather in St. Petersburg at that time can be chilly and humid, with the great chances for rain.

7) The food is rich, diverse and similar to that in the West. Prices for a cup of coffee vary from 3USD to 5USD, a dinner for two may run from 20USD to 100USD. Cab in downtown is somewhere around 10usd, buses and trolleybuses are quite inexpensive (less than a dollar). Museums require a fee (around 15USD).

8) The downtown is quite safe, although reasonable precautions are necessary.

9) It makes sense to bring an unblocked cell phone and to buy a SIM card at the airport (will run into max. 10 USD). Chose the service plan (Russ. Tariff) which will suit you (you want cheap calls in the city and, perhaps, calls to the USA). This way you can call the organizers of the Congress right away, from the airport, if you need help.

Organizing committee.