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Scientific conference “Russian Music,  Music Theory and M usicology in the Global World”

November 28 – 30, 2024

In 2023 the conference “Russian Music in the Global World” was held in Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory as part of 31st International Christmas Educational Readings, exploring the theme, “Global Challenges of Modernity and Spiritual Choice of Man”.

Given the relevance of the topic as well as the interest it attracted among the Russian and foreign musicologists, Society for Theory of Music (STM) decided holding such conferences regularly while expanding its subjects. Thus, the problem of connections between Russian and foreign music theory in the past and present, prospects for their interaction contain a set of important issues, both theoretical and practical.

The proposed topic involves consideration of the place Russian music and musicology take in the world cultural space, as well as its changes due to the historical process. Since in the civilized world national (ethnic) culture is part of superethnic, confessional or non-denominational cultural unity, then it is proposed to look at the whole spectrum of multicolored connections between Russian music and adjacent musical traditions.

Thematic areas:

  • the influence of religion and church music on secular music and, more broadly, the mentality of the nation;
  • Russian church music and the Greek-Byzantine tradition;
  • Russian folklore and church music in the works of foreign composers;
  • the influence of Russian music on the works and/or styles of Western composers;
  • Russian music as an organic part of the European music of the 19th and 20th centuries; its national originality, including:
  • Italian traditions in Russian music;
  • German traditions in Russian music;
  • French traditions in Russian music;
  • Eastern traditions in Russian music;
  • African-American traditions in Russian music;
  • the influence of Russian music on European and American traditions;
  • the role of Russian music in the emergence of national schools of the European type in the cultures of the Caucasus, the Volga region, Siberia, Central Asia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries.
  • Russian musicology school in the world.
  • the role of Russian music science in the emergence of the new forms of musicology in the cultures of the Caucasus, Central Asia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries.

Applications are due by September 8, 2024 by e-mail

Online participation is possible. The duration of reports is up to 20 minutes, 10 minutes for discussion and questions.


In the application please indicate the following data:

  • first name, last name;
  • the topic of the report;
  • abstract (150-200 words);
  • a place of work or study;
  • a place of work and post, scientific degree and academic status (if any);
  • contacts: telephone, e-mail address;

and also form of participation – either in the auditorium of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory or remotely.