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STM Journal 2022 / 3 (39)

Elena V. Rovenko Music as a Sensemaking Component of the Van Gogh Myth

The article considers the special status of music as the ontological basis of Vincent Van Gogh's art. Two main aspects are characterized: firstly, the artist's thoughts on the music of painting, which are determined by his desire to assimilate the most important aesthetic ideas of the epoch; secondly, the specific properties of painting, that allow to achieve a specific musicality of canvases.


Anna A. Amrakhova Essay on the classification of individual projects in modern composition

The aim of this paper is to show how cognitive structures influence the process of form-building in the work of contemporary composers. The proposed methodological basis consists in a procedural substitution of the following sort: it is the finding of sensual “reflections” of various cognitive models, mental schemes underlying the composition, in the text rather than the search for analogies between an artwork and its typological sample.


Valeriy N. Syrov Some Features of Form-Building in Modern Rock Music

In this article, features of form-building in rock music are considered in aspect of their evolution in the context of two trends, that is, immanent transformations and introduction of new principles from outside. The first is connected with the transformation of the song composition due to the internal resources of the verse material, the second is connected with the influence of other forms of European music, implying other means of development of material in comparison with the verse-chorus principle, and with the formation of a through-composed song-strophic form, in which the musical-dramaturgical factor plays an important role.


Irina V. Polozova Saratov Historical and Theoretical Musicology: History in 110 Years

The article is devoted to a generalized characteristic of the Saratov musicological school, covering the entire period of its development. The main directions of Saratov musicology are considered: theoretical problems of musical art, historical musicology, ethnomusicology, as well as the leading scientific collaborations of the conservatory, conferences and forums aimed at studying fundamental problems of musicology.