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STM Journal 2022 / 4 (40)

Amrakhova Anna A. , Vorontsov Yuri V., Zenkin Konstantin V. , Umanskiy Kirill A. , Tsypin Vyacheslav G. Metadiscourse of modern musical culture of Russia (discussions on Webern)
The collection of materials introduces two interviews with the composers R. Ledenev and E. Denisov about A. Webern's oeuvre. Conducted by V. Tsypin in 1988, the interviews have never been published. The issues of the Russian avant-garde, the perception of Webern's music then and now are discussed by the composers K. Umanskiy, Yu. Vorontsov, the musicologist K. Zenkin

Fedusova Alina A. «Home is there, far away, there»: songs by P. Haas from the concentration camp Theresienstadt
The article focuses on a work by the Czech composer Pavel Haas, which has become a vivid embodiment of the theme of home and homelessness in music, that is Four Songs to the Words of Chinese Poets. The three leitmotifs based on the melody of the St. Wenceslas Chorale, the main symbol of home, do not unite here, suggesting that home in the overall concept of the work remains an unattainable dream.

Kozhevnikova Anastasia R. Performance art in music: theoretical aspects
Performance in music is a genre of complex structure in which, based on a certain scenario or algorithm of actions in real time, a self-sufficient creative act is born that has no boundaries in the ways of self-expression. The article deals with the theory, terminology, philosophy and aesthetics of performance art.

Moore Brian Robert Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto in the Twentieth Century (Translated by N. A. Tokarev)
The translation of a work by the American scholar and musician Brian Moore presents interesting facts about the fate of the rediscovered piece for trumpet by J. Haydn in the 20th century. They are not only of scholarly, but also of performing interest. Following the empirical path, the author considers the history of performance, editions, and publications of the Concerto and comes to rethink the very principles of this work performing – tempi of all movements, articulation, and dynamic nuances.